Gina Carano Announces That She’s Teaming With Ben Shapiro’s ‘The Daily Wire’ On Her First Project Since Being Dropped From ‘The Mandalorian’

According to Deadline, Gina Carano is back and taking the lead role in a currently untitled action-thriller in which a woman teams up with a truck driver to get revenge on the serial killer who attempted to murder her. This is the first role for the former MMA-star-turned-actress since she was let go from Star Wars spin-off series The Mandalorian earlier this year. Carano was dropped from the project following her posting a photo to her Instagram with a caption claiming the mass genocide experienced during the Holocaust was no different than how modern day conservatives are treated. So, you know, normal things.

So, where do you go after that? To Ben Shapiro, of course. Carano’s upcoming film is part of a joint project between her and conservative media company The Daily Wire, which was founded by Shapiro back in 2015. The Hitcher and Near Dark writer Eric Red has already written the script for film, which is based on his novel White Knuckle. White Knuckle follows a woman who survives an attempted murder by a mass-murdering truck driver referred to as “White Knuckle” and subsequently partners up with another truck driver to hunt the man down.

Carano is set to produce and will star in the movie while the team negotiates with a director and other castmates. Filming is scheduled to take place in Tennessee, Utah, and Montana beginning in October with the studio aiming for a release early next year.