Green Lantern Can’t Even Get A Cameo In DC’s Movies

Batman V Superman will be introducing us to a fair number of heroes and villains, mostly through dream sequences. But one who won’t be turning up is Green Lantern. In fact, don’t expect any Lanterns around for a while.

Entertainment Weekly has a very long piece on Batman V Superman that confirms a few rumors, like the fact that Michael Shannon is actually in the movie (so he can stop pretending he made up funny anecdotes) and that Wonder Woman is undercover as Diana Prince, superspy for most of the movie. But one thing that came up was where the Green Lantern Corps fit in and, well, they don’t.

A movie is in the works for 2020, but somebody had to get cut out, and Green Lanterns just didn’t fit. In fact, they likely won’t be turning up until Justice League Part 2, which isn’t out until 2019. DC does not quite seem to be over what a financial disaster and creative mediocrity 2011’s Green Lantern was, and they are apparently going to put nearly a decade between that movie and their efforts to create a collection of multibillion dollar franchises.

Although, really, does anybody even remember Green Lantern? It wasn’t a box office or home video hit, it doesn’t really have a cult following like Hulk, and it’s not really the whipping boy of bad comic book movies like X-Men Origins: Wolverine or Batman & Robin. It just kind of fell into the gap of forgettable movies based on comics, joining the likes of the Blade sequels and Spawn. So, maybe DC is overreacting. Come on, is there really no room for John Stewart, Marine?

(Via Entertainment Weekly)