The Trailer For Childish Gambino’s ‘Guava Island’ Debuted At Pharos Festival

Getty Image

Thanksgiving weekend was pretty big if you’re into trailers for upcoming Donald Glover movies. First the one for the Lion King remake hit the internet and piled up nearly a quarter of a billion views. Then somebody went and posted the Internet’s first look at another Glover project: his secret movie with Rihanna. Feel free to grab your best magnifying glass and hit play.

That video comes from Glover’s second Pharos festival. The first Pharos festival took place in Joshua Tree, California way back in 2016, and Glover used it as an opportunity to screen the first three episodes of Atlanta. Perhaps that’s why he saved the trailer for his secret movie with Rihanna for the second Pharos festival, held this past weekend near Aukland, New Zealand. Phones were apparently banned at the first festival, which is probably why video for the trailer looks like it was shot from 100km away in Hobbiton. Via NZ Herald:

Pharos is described as a fully immersive live concert experience. Childish Gambino performs in a large, temporary dome while a “virtual world” is projected on to the inside of the structure.

So why was the trailer saved for the festival? Because that’s the kind of thing Donald Glover does. Eventually a quality trailer will hit the Internet when Glover feels the time is right. Then we’ll get a better look at the movie which is likely titled Guava Island and is now confirmed (via the trailer) to star Rihanna, Black Panther‘s Letitia Wright, and Nonso Anozie, who played Xaro Xhoan Daxos on Game of Thrones.