‘Halloween Kills’ Will Apparently Bring Back The Original Michael Myers (In Some Capacity)

Universal Pictures

Last year’s Halloween was slavishly reverential, not only bringing back (from the dead) Jamie Lee Curtis’ pioneering Final Girl Laurie Strode but even getting John Carpenter, the original’s director and composer, to bring back his classic theme music. Halloween Kills — the first of two recently announced sequels — will go one further: It’s bringing back the original Michael Myers himself.

Now, a couple caveats here: For one, said actor — Nick Castle, a Carpenter collaborator who went on to become a director himself, helming The Last Starfighter, Dennis the Menace, and Major Payne — did have a cameo in last year’s Halloween. For another, it’s not 100% clear in what capacity he’ll be returning. Here’s the original tweet, as caught by Entertainment Weekly:

“You can’t kill the boogeyman,” Castle wrote. “Just heard the news. I’m coming back.” After some — perhaps rightly — interpreted this as meaning he’ll be donning the old Shatner mask again, Castle clarified…sort of.

“I’ll be returning but, you know Big Game James still got the torch! More later,” he wrote. Fair enough.

Should Castle indeed return to the role, he’ll be replacing James Jude Courtney, who took over the iconic role in a direct sequel to a classic original that has the same title, which surely no one finds confusing. But again, all we have are cryptic tweets that seem to only indicate one thing, which is that Castle is coming back to a role he hasn’t played in over 40 years. We’ll find out next year, when Halloween Kills comes out, followed the year after that with Halloween Ends, which won’t actually be the end of Michael Myers.

(Via EW)