The ‘Happytime Murders’ Creators Have Responded To Sesame Street’s Lawsuit Through A Puppet-Lawyer

STX Entertainment

The outrageous Happytime Murders trailer was only asking for trouble by including loads of puppet ejaculation. And although the project is directed by Brian Henson, son of Muppet creator Jim Henson, Sesame Street is not happy about the raunchy nature of the film and, late last week, filed a lawsuit to accuse STX Entertainment of appropriating their brand while simultaneously tarnishing the Muppets’ reputation. Well, the Happytime Murders creators are taking the legal threat in stride, and they’ve enlisted a puppet-lawyer for a public response. As one does.

Fred, Esq., an “STX Entertainment lawyer,” has issued a statement (courtesy of the Huffington Post), in which he stresses the cultural relevance of letting folks know what Henson puppets do when they’re off the clock:

“STX loved the idea of working closely with Brian Henson and the Jim Henson Company to tell the untold story of the active lives of Henson puppets when they’re not performing in front of children. Happytime Murders is the happy result of that collaboration and we’re incredibly pleased with the early reaction to the film and how well the trailer has been received by its intended audience. While we’re disappointed that Sesame Street does not share in the fun, we are confident in our legal position.”

Fred also wisely points out that the Happytime Murders is only intended for an adult audience, who he feels will appreciate the “adorably unapologetic” ways of these Henson puppets. Here’s a look at Fred — he looks like a real courtroom shark — and as of yet, there’s been no further response from Sesame Street.

STX Entertainment/Huffington Post

(Via Huffington Post)