Harley Quinn Is Known To Be Quite Vexing And The Year’s Most Popular Halloween Costume

2016’s most popular Halloween costume was always going to be one of two things: Sexy Donald Trump, or a character from a comic book movie. Thankfully, it’s the latter — the former is too terrifying, even for All Hallows’ Eve. Google Frightgeist “pulled from the top 500 costume searches in the United States” to discover that Harley Quinn is, by far, the outfit you’re most likely to see on Oct 31. That’s not too much of a surprise: she’s the most fun character in one of the year’s biggest movies, and fairly easy to dress up as; all you need is a bat, short shorts, hair dye, and you’re almost done. We even put together a DIY Harley Quinn costume roundup to help you out.

In second place is Mr. J himself, the Joker (it’s a busy time of year for twisted and edgy Hot Topic employees), who’s been a popular outfit since The Dark Knight was released. It wasn’t hard to get everyone to impersonate Heath Ledger. All it took was a little… push. The rest of the top-10 goes: superhero, pirate, Wonder Woman, witch (as opposed to VVitch), Batman, Star Wars, clown (nope), and dinosaur. For what it’s worth, Hillary Clinton is nowhere to be found on Frightgeist’s list, while Donald Trump ranks at #69. Nice.

Here’s some Harley Quinn inspiration.

(Via Google Frightgeist)