Harrison Ford Has Never Looked Happier Than In This Interview With Ryan Gosling

Harrison Ford is, by all accounts, not the easiest guy to interview.

It’s not that he’s surly, exactly (although he can also be that), but, as he explained in a recent GQ profile, “It’s always better not to talk about it, I think. Just f*cking do it. Don’t ’splain it. Especially if you’re getting away with it.”

And few have gotten away with it better than the star of Indiana Jones, Star Wars, The Fugitive, and Blade Runner. The 75-year-old is currently making the publicity rounds for the sequel to that last film, Blade Runner 2049, and he’s been an unexpected delight. Ford forgot Ryan Gosling’s name on The Graham Norton Show (where he also said he was in “deep doo-doo” for accidentally punching his co-star), and he couldn’t stop giggling on the British daytime talk show This Morning. It helped that Alison Hammond, the reporter interviewing him and Gosling, admitted at the top that she’s never seen the original Blade Runner. “I appreciate your candor,” Gosling cracked.

The conversation immediately goes off the rails: Ford yells “SHOW ME THE MONEY” to explain why he took the part in Blade Runner 2049, Gosling drops his microphone and pretends to storm off, and all three of them hit the booze.

Also, Ford makes this face.

It’s a look that says “I got paid $34 million for The Force Awakens.”