Is This Harrison Ford Lookalike The Perfect Young Han Solo?

Like it or not, we can’t make Harrison Ford young again so that he might recreate his old roles as we cheer our own un-ending youth. Sorry. Dude’s old, and so are you. But we got more Han Solo in Star Wars, we’re getting more Blade Runner and we’ll probably get more Indiana Jones. So that’s all something, but Disney wants more Han Solo. They want young Han Solo, so here we are talking about Mr. Fantastic flying the Millenium Falcon. Unless…

This is Anthony Ingruber. He’s an actor who has such a handle on the Harrison Ford voice (and the look) that he was cast to play young Harrison Ford in The Age Of Adeline. Granted, Ingruber didn’t have a lot to do in that film and his resumé isn’t voluminous, but look at that punim! That’s Han’s punim. Also, according to an interview he did with What Culture while promoting his existence, Ingrubber said he really wants to play Han Solo:

“I would love to portray the young Han Solo in the upcoming film; the fan enthusiasm has been really terrific and I have received so many messages from people telling me how much they would love to have me portray this character. It’s very touching to hear from lifelong Star Wars fans that after seeing The Age Of Adaline, they wholeheartedly trust me to deliver the performance the fans expect and want.”

Is that trust — which seems as though it’s born out of a totally understandable want to not say goodbye to Ford being the one and only Han — misplaced? No disrespect to Ingrubber, but acting and impersonating someone are two very different things. Because of this, you get why his name hasn’t been seriously floated despite the uncanny resemblance. The others have way more experience, and while there is an allure to hiring an unknown (in keeping with Star Wars tradition), it would still mean placing the fate of a film, and maybe a whole new trilogy, on the shoulders of a relative newcomer. So, maybe you want someone with a little more experience?

The Han Solo standalone film doesn’t start filming until next January, so there’s still a lot of time to speculate and sort this out. Personally, I say Polar Express this sh*t and keep Harrison Ford fat in fancy planes as long as he’s willing.

(Via What Culture)