Harrison Ford’s Advice To New ‘Star Wars’ Co-Stars: ‘It’s Too Late For Them’

After being awesome at the San Diego Comic-Con panel for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Harrison Ford gave some interviews to the press, one of which particularly impressed us. When asked what advice he’d offer to the new actors in the Star Wars franchise, he dropped an ominous “It’s too late for them” before moving on from the joke into a frank and thoughtful look into the weirdness of sudden fame.

Here’s the advice Harrison Ford said he gave to young co-star Daisy Ridley (who plays a character rumored to be a member of the Solo or Skywalker families) as filmed and transcribed by io9:

“Your life will change, and you will get used to it. And you will be by turns happy, and delighted, and employed, and then you’ll wonder ‘what the hell happened?’ every once in a while. Because you turn from… the natural state of an actor is to observe life around them, and now you have to figure out how to do that when all anybody’s looking at is you.”

That’s poignant. On the other hand, we suspect people couldn’t take their eyes off Harrison Ford even before he was famous.

(Via io9)