Hayley Atwell’s Awed Tap Of Chris Evans’ Pec In ‘Captain America’ Wasn’t In The Script

Captain America: The First Avenger remains one of my favorite Marvel flicks, and one of the best little moments from the movie happens when Chris Evans emerges from the super soldier pod with his new bod for the first time, and Hayley Atwell’s Agent Carter gives him an awed little tap on his well-sculpted pec.

Well, according to Atwell, that moment wasn’t in the script. This was legitimately the first time she’d seen Evans without a shirt, and Atwell was compulsively driven to, in her words, “grab his boob.” Hayley, trust me, you have to resist those boob grabbing urges. Being that Captain America director Joe Johnston knows what he’s doing, he left the boob-grab in the movie, even though it was a first take. You should check out Ms. Atwell telling the story above because, as always, she’s completely adorbs.

Even if Chris Evans wins an Oscar someday, this will still be his greatest acting achievement.

via BoingBoing

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