One Lucky Tolkien Fan Now Has A Precious Hobbit Hole For His Cat To Dump In

You’re gonna want to give that hobbit hole a few minutes, Bilbo. 

Hey, remember that awesome Groot swing from a few weeks back? Well, the guys who made that are back with a new project that’s significantly sh*ttier. That’s not a value judgment; the new project from Super-Fan Builds is actually kind of amazing, but it will, if used properly, eventually become full of sh*t.

Yup, this week the guys at Super-Fan Builds make Lord of the Rings fan and cat-lover Mischa a beautiful replica of Bag End for his cat to drop a load in, as well as an Eye of Sauron-shaped scratching post. I’ve never been more jealous of anything in my life. Check out this week’s episode below…

Talk about an unexpected party – be glad you only got dwarves stopping by, Bilbo, and not a posse of giant pooping cats.

Via AWE Me