Did You Ever Notice How These Movies Used The Same Sets?

It’s the worst kept secret in Hollywood that movies and TV shows share many of the same sets or shooting locations. There are only so many places in New York and Los Angeles that will work for high schools, hotels, coffee shops, or houses. What you might not know is that some of your favorite pop culture addictions shared the same sets and you didn’t even notice. Fortunately, the folks over at Screen Rant compiled a video outlining all of the many movies that have shared distinctive sets over the years, whether it be a mansion or a diner.

Finding out all of the sets that some of your favorite movies have in common is fun, but a trick to making this more fun is considering what it would be like if the movies that shared sets were also part of the same universe. Gone In 60 Seconds and Mr. and Mrs. Smith seem similar enough, but add in Catch Me If You Can to the mix and that’s a world I would love to live in. Maybe Leonardo DiCaprio’s Catch Me character is the father of Brad Pitt’s Mr. and Mrs. Smith assassin. They are both masters of disguise, after all.

Even better, putting There Will Be Blood and The Muppet Movie in the same world. Kermit would definitely know how to gain the upper hand on Daniel Plainview. For more movie sets in common watch the full video above and make up your own crazy crossover backstories.

(Via Screen Rant)