Holy Sh*t, Watch This Kid Absolutely NAIL The Final Dance Scene In ‘Dirty Dancing’

When I found this video that was captioned like, “Kid Busts a Move to Dirty Dancing,” I admit that I wasn’t expecting much more than some goober kid flailing around in front of the TV. I was wrong, OH, how I was wrong. After having watched young Charlie’s performance I am not entirely convinced that this isn’t somehow the reincarnated spirit of Patrick Swayze living inside this kid’s body. Yes, I am well aware that Patrick Swayze only passed away like five years ago and this kid is clearly older than five — but who knows. If reincarnation is a thing that we’re willing to accept then I fully believe that Patrick Swayze’s spirit could have been hanging out in some five-year-old dud who did nothing but sit around and watch Yo Gabba Gabba and was all, f*ck this, that Charlie kid’s got moves I’m gonna go chill in that body for awhile. And that’s what happened and why this kid is able to flawlessly recreate the final dancing scene of Dirty Dancing. The end. #BELIEVE

(Via Hello Giggles)