The Original ‘Beauty And The Beast’ Gets A Brutally Honest Trailer

Disney’s live-action Beauty And The Beast is in theaters this weekend, so Screen Junkies has produced a timely honest trailer for the 1991 animated original version. It’s a tale as old as time. You know, the tale where an eleven year old is cursed, turns into a beast, then kidnaps a bookworm ten years later to force her to love him. Hate when that happens.

The honest trailer raises questions about the plot and warns of the perils of Stockholm Syndrome. They also call Belle “the first millennial” and deftly remake some of the songs with accurate new lyrics, like this one to the tune of “Be Our Guest”:

Go ahead
Stuff your face
We are both stuck in this place
We got here with no idea
We’d turn into an IKEA
There’s no breaks
There’s no pay
And we’re trapped in here all day
Just because my boss was a dick
I become a French candlestick?
None of us
Deserved it
Our poor friend the toilet
That guy used to be a restaurant maitre d’
Now for the 10 years passed
He only sees Beast’s ass
I must confess
We are oppressed
Get snapped in half if we protest
We’re so stressed
And depressed
Let us rest!

It’s probably best not to think too much about the plot holes and the nightmarish implications of this movie.

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Via Screen Junkies