The Newest Honest Trailer Takes Shots At ‘Space Jam’

The newest honest trailer from Screen Junkies engages in the internet sacrilege of insulting Space Jam, something I haven’t seen done since Matt Ufford (BRING BACK MATT) commented on the film’s 20th anniversary last November:

Well, it’s Screen Junkies’ “Fan Appreciation Month” and they let fans vote on what to honest trailer-ize next. The voting was predictably inundated with ’90s kids and millennials who have strong feelings about Space Jam. And it’s still a timely pick since we may be getting a sequel starring LeBron James, Blake Griffin, and Jimmy Butler with Fast And Furious 6‘s Justin Lin directing. Original director Joe Pytka said a sequel would be “doomed” because Michael Jordan is irreplaceable and Pytka just doesn’t want them to make another one, so… that’s awkward.

In addition to being perhaps one of a kind with doom befalling any sequels, Space Jam became the highest-grossing basketball movie of all time and also brought us Lola Bunny cosplayers, so all that product placement to cover Jordan’s paycheck was worth it.

Bless you, Space Jam.

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Via Screen Junkies