‘The Happening’ Gets An Honest Trailer Almost As Brutal As Mark Wahlberg’s Opinion Of The Film

M. Night Shyamalan’s The Visit opens this Friday, so Screen Junkies are back with an honest trailer for another inexplicable Shyamalan joint, The Happening. You remember? The one where the villain was… gently rustling leaves? Even Mark Wahlberg knew it was bad, as he later said in an interview:

I was such a huge fan of [Amy Adams]. We’d actually had the luxury of having lunch before to talk about another movie, and it was a bad movie that I did. She dodged the bullet. I don’t want to tell you what movie… All right, The Happening with M. Night Shyamalan. It is what it is. F*cking trees, man, the plants. F*ck it. You can’t blame me for wanting to try to play a science teacher. You know? I wasn’t playing a cop or a crook.

“F*cking trees, man.” — Mark Wahlberg, perfectly summarizing this movie even better than the honest trailer did.

Stick around after the credits for a nice little nod to Wes Craven, somebody who could actually scare us with a movie, unlike The Happening.

And if you never saw The Happening, no worries. You can recreate the experience by just staring at this GIF while doing your best Dorchester accent, saying, “What? No!

For additional elucidation, here is Mark Wahlberg speaking to a plastic tree. Say hi to your mother from me.


You know what? I’ve changed my mind. I love this f*cking mess.

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Via Screen Junkies

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