‘Hot Wheels’ Finds Its Director And It’s One With ‘Fast And Furious’ Credentials

Is there anything a Hot Wheels movie can provide that a Fast and Furious offering can’t? The answer is large orange tracks and your dad falling down the stairs because you didn’t clean up after yourself. Aside from that, why shouldn’t Hot Wheels embrace the breakneck speed, insane physics, and general absurdity of the might Fast franchise? Legendary seems to agree with this line of logic and has snapped a director with lots of Fast experience.

According to Variety, Justin Lin has closed a deal to helm the toy store staple’s leap to motion picture status. Lin’s résumé includes an impressive run of four consecutive Fast films that began with The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift and wrapped up at Fast & Furious 6. (He’s also the dude Vin Diesel wants helming the final Fast & Furious.) He definitely has the credentials to create an exciting car-based adventure, although the massive gap in quality between The Lego Movie and Battleship should underline the degree of difficulty that comes from doing a “toy” movie.

Additional details on the Hot Wheels movie (which has been in the works for what feels like centuries) are in short supply as a writer still needs to be locked down. The only other thing we know is that the inevitable adult entertainment parody will either be horrifying or brilliant.

(Via Variety)