Hugh Jackman Stepped Up His Fake Feud With Ryan Reynolds By Offering Him ‘Incredibly Smart Career Advice’

It’s been awhile since we heard about Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds’ fake beef. Last time the two actors indulged in their faux-feud it was for good, raising money for charities during the pandemic. But on a lazy May Day, Jackman decided to resume their beef, posting a video in which a New York City police officer offered Reynolds what Jackman called “incredibly smart career advice.”

What was that advice? Basically to get them in the same movie for the first time since X-Men Origins: Wolverine, in which Reynolds played the character that essentially becomes Deadpool, long before he took over the role proper.

“Hey Ryan, you’ve got to get this guy in Deadpool 3,” said one Officer John Dobkowski, who Jackman said stopped him — not to give him a ticket but to say hi. “Even if it’s for a 10-minute cameo, that would be awesome. That movie would be so cool, so great, it would blow the box office.”

So there you go. So far the third in the gleefully R-rated series has yet to cast its supporting cast, including its villain. But if Reynolds’ team winds up taking the officer’s advice, you could potentially see the two bringing their fake beef to the big screen.

(Via EW)