‘I Hear He Wants To Blow Up My Hotel Room’: How Tyrese Gibson Came To Hate Everything About James Franco

Tyrese Gibson does not like James Franco, but in Franco’s defense, the high-cheekboned thespian was a different animal 10 years ago. He had fully embraced the method style of acting in which you drench yourself in the peculiarities, settings, and psychological states of the character you’re portraying. Take his role in City by the Sea for example. “So on City by the Sea, I slept on the streets and all that. Was it necessary or not? Who’s to say? But I did it.”

Franco used to throw himself so deep into his roles, that he couldn’t even enjoy the experience. “It wasn’t even fun. It was a horrible way to work. I was miserable. I wanted to quit.”

Seth’s Rogen’s Hollywood buddy seems much more relaxed these days, and maybe it’s from all the secondhand smoke he’s inhaled from hanging around with his The Interview co-star (Franco does not smoke weed), but back in 2006, Franco was not such a jovial guy to be around when he was working. Tyrese Gibson, who co-starred with Franco in the Navy boxing drama Annapolis, can attest to that fact.

“I hear he wants to blow up my hotel room,” James Franco told GQ Magazine in an interview back in 2008.

To properly frame the tension between Franco and Gibson, first take a gander at this promotional interview during the media circuit to promote Annapolis in 2006.

(Jump to 2:48 to see the elephant in the room)

Did you catch the feigned giggles escaping from Franco’s mouth? The words forming then crumbling from his lips? His fingers latching then swinging open like saloon doors in a dust storm as he rocks back and forth? That’s called uncomfortableness.