‘The Incredibles 2’ Will Include A Warning For Light Sensitive Viewers, Thanks To Twitter

Pixar / Disney

Something interesting has happened through the power of social media this weekend. Without any calls for boycotts or criticism, Disney has asked exhibitors to inform visitors that The Incredibles 2 might cause trouble for those with light sensitivity issues. And it all stems from a Twitter thread by user VeronicaLewis that gained steam and made its way to the company.

As VeronicaLewis points out in the thread, The Incredibles 2 features moments with “tons of strobe/flashing lights that can cause issues for people with epilepsy, migraines, and chronic illness.” Moments that happen throughout the film courtesy of its villain, The Screenslaver. You might remember similar issues in the past with the Pokemon animated series, leading to some nasty troubles for children according to Kotaku:

Straight away, children across Japan were struck down with various ailments. Some kids passed out, or experienced blurred vision. Others felt dizzy, or nauseous. In extreme cases, some even experienced seizures and cases of temporary blindness.

Knowing what can happen, it’s pretty clear why VeronicaLewis knew something needed to be done:

And as Variety reports, Disney got word of the issues and reached out to theaters:

Disney has been notified of the situation and asked all theaters that are showing “Incredibles 2” to notify patrons of the scene in question.

The funny part is that we’ve now seen Disney movies force theaters share warnings on two different occasions due to the aspects of the films causing trouble for moviegoers. This is far more serious than anything in The Last Jedi, though. Those three folks likely could’ve just been a little patient with the hyperspace sacrifice.

(Via Kotaku / Vulture / Variety)