‘Independence Day 2’ Now Has A Brand-Spanking New Title

Out of nowhere, Independence Day 2 writer and director Roland Emmerich announced on Twitter that there would be a live streamed press conference for the sequel to the hit 1996 disaster flick. Questions were to be submitted online, and the event was scheduled to kick off at around 9 p.m. ET.

With time, we’ve come to know a little bit more about the film, including a recent plot synopsis, but nothing more. So what gives? Welp, Emmerich brought the entire principal cast with him to the press conference, which was live streamed from the set itself. When asked about the set, which looked like one of the spaceship interiors from the Alien franchise, Emmerich described it as “the Moon base.”

There were also two rather large props on display. One was obviously a fighter jet, but it was modified with alien technology. And the other?

Perhaps the biggest bit of info the night revealed was the film’s new official title, which actually isn’t Independence Day 2. (Shocker!) It’s actually Independence Day: Resurgence, and here’s the hastily made title card to prove it.

But let’s be honest — the best thing about the evening’s festivities was when the moderator asked the cast to take a group photo with a camera on a selfie stick. Not because selfie sticks are awesome — far from it. However, Jeff Goldblum was appointed as the responsible selfie stick operator, and it was wonderfully awkward.

(Via /Film)