The Trailer For ‘Infinite’ Features, We Swear, Mark Wahlberg Stabbing An Airplane With A Sword

Paramount+ just dropped the final trailer for Infinite, the action thriller about reincarnated warriors starring Mark Wahlberg, and man, this thing looks wild. Within the first few seconds, you have Marky Mark jumping off of a cliff on a motorcycle so he can stab a plane with a ninja sword, and it doesn’t let up from there.

As the trailer teases out Wahlberg’s slowly learning that he has the ability to tap into a multitude of past lives, the trailer delivers one crazy action beat after another, and just when you think director Antoine Fuqua can’t pull another rabbit out of his hat, Jason Mantzoukas shows up. What more can you need? Even better, Infinite is skipping a theatrical release and going straight to Paramount+ in less than a week. So the time between now and you watching Marky Mark stab a plane is extremely minimal.

Here’s the official synopsis:

For Evan McCauley (Mark Wahlberg), skills he has never learned and memories of places he has never visited haunt his daily life. Self-medicated and on the brink of a mental breakdown, Evan is sought by a secret group that call themselves “Infinites,” revealing to him that his memories may be real – but they are from multiple past lives.

Infinite starts streaming June 9 on Paramount+. Here is Mark Wahlberg stabbing an airplane with a sword.


(Via Paramount Plus)