Will We Ever See Tony Stark Wear These Advanced Iron Man Suits In Marvel Films?

At the end of Iron Man 3, Tony Stark destroyed a lot of his Iron Man suits, but the man is a genius with an unlimited source of determination and ability. To think he’s through with creating more Iron Man suits would be a mistake. In the comics, Stark created a large variety of suits to benefit his every need. Here, we’ll take a look at some of the more rare Iron Man suits, while we collectively wonder if any of them will jump off the pages of Marvel and onto the big screen.

Iron Man Armor Model 15: Arctic Armor

Debut: Iron Man #318

This blue Iron Man suit was created by Tony Stark specifically for the purpose being to withstand frozen temperatures. Featuring a dynamic heating system, as well as being bulkier to brave the elements, you don’t see Stark breaking this one out too often, but who knows when you’ll have to save a bunch of humans stranded in a John Carpenter film who are battling a shape-shifting alien? Got to be prepared for anything, folks.

Iron Man Armor Model 19

Debut: Iron Man Bad Blood #4

Tony Stark doesn’t usually travel to space a lot, but when he does, he does it in style. This sleek suit is a departure from his regular color scheme, and features more of an emphasis on style rather than combat. Pods that use compressed gas — instead of the usual jet boots — helps this fanciful vessel to move around.

Iron Man Armor Model 22

Debut: Blank Panther Vol. 3 #44

This non-metallic suit featured the ability to go into a stealth mode, as well as noise reduction and internal air tanks. The suit is also impervious to non-metallic weapons, and has a “smart” system that analyzes its enemies.

Iron Man Armor Model 43

Debut: Iron Man Vol. 5 #3

During the Extremis event, Stark had one mission… to destroy all traces of Extremis. In order to do this, he created another stealth suit, the one with non-lethal options, and greater and more silent mobility. The suit was also adept at creating holograms, as well as maintaining an invicibilty to one of Mandarin’s rings.

With Captain America: Civil War, plus another series of Avengers films on the way, there’s no telling what kinds of suits Tony Stark will don. Still, we’re waiting for one with an automatic drink dispenser, because we all know how Stark likes his booze.