An Apparent Howard Stern Hot Mic Has People Wondering If He’s Really Gonna Play Dr. Doom

When you host a radio show that takes a summer vacation, it’s only natural to want to fill your summer with fun stuff like going to the beach, reading some books, and perhaps joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe as the Fantastic Four villain, Dr. Doom. Luckily, this seems to be Howard Stern‘s summer plans…though he might have leaked it by accident? If it is really happening at all? The Jury is still out.

While signing off The Howard Stern Show for the summer, Stern’s mic appeared to stay on briefly when he mentioned he would be involved in some sort of production about Dr. Doom this summer, and that he was “miserable” about it.

“They’re going over the schedule with me and it’s gonna suck,” Stern says, seemingly unhappy with his summer project. When asked “are you working this summer?” Stern replied, “Well, I told you I’m gonna do Dr. Doom. But…believe me, I’m f*cking miserable about it.” He then call himself an asshole. Not a great way to begin your MCU debut. Or maybe it is?

The radio host also mentions calling up Iron Man himself, Robert Downey Jr., asking him for advice, before the sound cuts off.

Either way, fans heard the moment, and are taking to Twitter to see what the deal is. Will Stern be playing another superhero? Or was he just messing with everyone? The timing would make sense, as Mr. Fantastic made a cameo in the latest Doctor Strange movie, which could mean the universe is being set up for another movie, and Dr. Doom is often battling against the Fantastic Four. Hopefully, it will be better than the last one.

Still, Stern made waves yesterday when he decided he would maybe run for president. This guy has some big summer plans!