An Oscar-Winning Horror Director Almost Had A Cameo In ‘It Chapter Two’

Warner Bros.

Seeing the child and adult versions of the Losers’ Club members standing with each other is obviously cool, but what if It Chapter Two had featured horror director Guillermo del Toro? No, seriously. It’s an honest question posed by the film’s director, Andy Muschietti, who revealed during the official press junket that his colleague was originally supposed to appear in a brief sequence in the movie.

According to Slash Film, Muschietti explained that he is “very ambitious when it comes to cameos” and considers himself a pro at it. Sure enough, for those who were able to attend the film’s recent world premiere, It Chapter Two includes several cameos by familiar faces that, depending on general audiences’ knowledge of famous faces and author Stephen King’s expanding universe, will surely turn a few heads. Sadly, the del Toro gag just didn’t work out:

“I wanted Guillermo in the movie. Guillermo del Toro. We were this close. He was going to play the janitor that Ben runs into when he’s running away from Pennywise. Yeah. That scene, of course, would have been like five minutes longer if Guillermo was in it.”

Oh well. Fans will just have to imagine what del Toro’s brief (or long?) performance in the scene would have looked like. Seeing as how Muschietti has talked about putting together a massive director’s cut of both films, though, perhaps a day’s worth of pickups could accomplish his original intentions in the near future.

(Via Slash Film)