The First Time The ‘It’ Kids Met Pennywise During Filming Ended Up Being The Freakiest Scene In The Movie

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09.23.17 5 Comments

WARNING: Spoilers for the movie It follow below:

There is no shortage of freaky moments in the new theatrical version of Stephen King’s It. The film is currently breaking records for horror movies and part of the credit has to go to the film’s terrifying modern take on Pennywise The Clown. While there is some hint of mischief in Bill Skarsgård’s portrayal of the evil entity, the bulk of the character’s appearances aim to be terrifying.

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While the first time Skarsgård interacted with the child actors in the film was during the scene in the Neibolt House, the entire group’s first encounter during filming might be one of the more memorable — and frightening — in the film. The lady in the painting would likely walk away with the creepiest moment of the movie, the kids being shocked by Pennywise and the projector comes in closely behind. Not only is there the horrifying moment where Bill’s mother slowly transforms into the evil clown — as we’ve seen in the trailer — the kids are then faced with Pennywise’s sharp fangs before he pops out of the screen at them.

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