‘It’ Almost Had A Post-Credits Scene That Would Have Set Up ‘It Chapter Two’

New Line Cinema

If you stayed through the credits of It, hoping for a Marvel-esque Easter egg, you were disappointed by what you saw (nothing, besides who the best boy was) but not what you heard (Pennywise’s laugh). That wasn’t the original plan.

Director Andy Muschietti told the Huffington Post that the highest-grossing horror movie ever was supposed to have a post-credits scene with “Beverly Marsh picking up the phone.” But not a clunky 1980s phone, and not Beverly Marsh as played by Sophia Lillis, either. “So, 27 years later, post credit, you would see a phone ringing,” he said. “It’s an iPhone, so it’s impossible that it’s 1989, and a hand comes in and the camera wraps around this red-haired back of a head, and we turn around, and it’s Jessica Chastain!” Chastain plays the adult winter fire-haired member of the Losers Club in It Chapter Two, with Lillis as the younger version. Unfortunately, the timing didn’t work for the cameo.

Barbara Muschietti, the film’s producer and Andy’s sister, said they couldn’t get the schedules together to shoot the scene with Chastain for their first installment of It, released in September 2017. “We did all that we had to do to make sure that Jess was our Beverly, and then she was, so we got our wish,” Barbara Muschietti said of It Chapter Two. (Via)

Hopefully the sequel doesn’t have a post-credits scene. Two hours and 49 minutes is long enough as is, thank you very much.

(Via the Huffington Post)