Try To Guess Which Oscar-Nominated Actor Wanted To Be In ‘Jackass Forever,’ We Dare You

On Wednesday’s episode of The Howard Stern Show, host Howard Stern took some time off from talking about Meat Loaf and weird f*cking cults to interview Johnny Knoxville, one of the stars of Jackass Forever. The program hyped the chat on Twitter by tweeting, “.@JohnnyKnoxville tells @HowardStern about getting a gun pulled on him while pranking @EricAndre and reveals which Oscar-nominated actor wanted to be in #JackassForever.” There are two things I would like to discuss:

1. @JohnnyKnoxville is not Johnny Knoxville’s Twitter account. Johnny Knoxville’s Twitter account is @realjknoxville. @JohnnyKnoxville belongs to some guy named Scott, who hasn’t tweeted since 2009. Classic Scott. One of his two tweets reads, “hi folks sitting at home seeing what this twitter stuff was all about.” 2009 was a simpler time.

2. If you gave me 50 guesses for which Oscar-nominated actor wanted to be in Jackass Forever, I would not have landed on the correct answer. Was it Robert De Niro? Nope, although a Bad Grandpa / Dirty Grandpa crossover is what this country needs. Willem Dafoe? Keep guessing. How about Joe Pesci, Eddie Murphy, or Tommy Lee Jones? I would give up a year’s salary to watch any of them kick Steve-O in the nuts, but alas, no.

The correct answer is, of course:

Bruce Dern has been nominated for two Oscars, Best Supporting Actor for Coming Home and Best Actor for Nebraska, and lost both times. An even bigger tragedy is that he’s not in Jackass Forever because, by the time he reached out, they were done filming. That’s probably for the best. He’s 85 years old. A high five could be the end of him.

Jackass Forever comes out on February 4.