One Of James Cameron’s Favorite ‘Guilty Pleasure’ Movies Is A Video Game Adaptation

It’s hard to picture James Cameron sinking into a La-Z-Boy in front of the TV, mostly because I always imagine him on a submarine. But when he’s not exploring the Mariana Trench or promising that Avatar 2 will make you “sh*t yourself with your mouth wide open,” he’s organizing movie nights with his family. Empire caught up with Cameron to ask him how he’s been staying during lockdown, and like the rest of us, he’s been watching movies, including a surprise answer for one of his favorite guilty pleasures.

“One of my guilty pleasure films that I actually think is quite beautifully made is Resident Evil,” he said. “Watching Michelle Rodriguez in that film, moving like this feral creature, is joyful.” Who knew Cameron, who would later cast Rodriguez in Avatar, was such a fan of video game adaptations? I wonder what he thinks of the Sonic the Hedgehog movie.

Cameron is also trying to expand his kids’ “horizon a little bit”:

“They got a hankering for a Western the other night and I said, ‘What about True Grit with John Wayne?’ They said, ‘Who?’ I said, ‘Alright, we’re watching True Grit.’ They absolutely loved it. My teenage girls are very horse-oriented, and now they know who John Wayne is.”

Maybe don’t introduce them to the “1971 Playboy interview” section of his Wikipedia, though. In 50 years, Cameron’s kids will have kids, and this same story will happen, except replace “John Wayne” with “Milla Jovovich.” Future-kids know nothing about great cinema.

(Via Empire)