Jamie Lee Curtis And Lindsay Lohan Reuniting For A ‘Freaky Friday’ Sequel, And It’s All Thanks To ‘Halloween Ends’

The ladies of the 2003 film version of Freaky Friday are doing pretty well these days. Lindsay Lohan is enjoying a career resurgence, complete with a deal with Netflix. And Jamie Lee Curtis? She recently nabbed herself an Academy Award. So it’s only natural that the two reunite for a film that turns 20 this year. And should it go through, then it’s all Halloween Ends’ fault.

On Wednesday, The New York Times published an interview with the two stars, where they look back on their take on the beloved 1972 body-swap novel. By the end of the chat, though, they were looking forward.

“As I went around the world with ‘Halloween Ends,’ people wanted to know if there was going to be another ‘Freaky Friday,’” Curtis said. “Something really touched a chord. When I came back, I called my friends at Disney and said, ‘It feels like there’s a movie to be made.’”

Lohan chimed in, saying, “Jamie and I are both open to that, so we’re leaving it in the hands that be. We would only make something that people would absolutely adore.”

The Hollywood Reporter later confirmed that Disney, who produced the 2003 film, is indeed working on a sequel. Whether it would be a theatrical release or get dropped on their eventually-to-be-merged streamer is up in the air.

A Freaky Friday 2 has been in the offing for a while. Last fall, Curtis talked up the idea, saying she’d “already written to Disney, my friends at Disney” about the matter. Not long after Lohan said she was game. And here we are.

(Via NYT and THR)