Yes, Lindsay Lohan Heard Jamie Lee Curtis’s Pitch For ‘Freaky Friday 2’ And, Yes, She’s Ready If Hollywood Is

While Jamie Lee Curtis has effectively been closing the door on one of her famous franchises (which she swears she is done with for real this time), there is one that she is keeping open, and that’s the potential for a Freaky Friday sequel. Curtis has been talking about it a lot lately, and she even admitted that she brought up the idea to her big mouse boss at Disney.

While we have known for a while that Curtis is on board with another Freaky installment, we hadn’t heard from her co-star Lindsay Lohan, who just returned to acting after a lengthy hiatus. Luckily for us, Lohan is also excited about this potential sequel.

Lohan stopped by The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to discuss her new Netflix holiday movie when the topic of a potential second Freaky Friday came up. It seems like she had already spoken to Curtis about the idea. “We did speak about it, yeah,” Lohan admitted. But did they use their special texting code????

The actress explained that Curtis had messaged her about a potential reunion while she was at work. “I was on set filming at the time, and [when] Jamie Lee Curtis writes you, you just get excited and distracted! Immediately, so I had to bring myself down to Earth and be like, ‘I’m on set, I have to focus.’ Then she said Freaky Friday 2, and I got more excited.” While she wouldn’t confirm anything, she did tell Fallon that both Lohan and Curtis are on board, saying “We would both be into it!”

As for a Mean Girls sequel, Lohan believes that’s “up to Tina Fey.” Considering that Fey’s last movie credit was “Vacumming Mom (Voice Only)” in 2021’s Free Guy, maybe she has some free time on her hands to write a quick draft.

(Via Collider)