Jamie Lee Curtis Made Sure To Place Her Oscar Next To Her ‘Everything Everywhere’ Butt Plug Award

Jamie Lee Curtis has an Oscar now, and that’s great for the longtime scream queen and always welcome screen presence. Hers was one of seven trophies earned for Everything Everywhere All at Once, which went from sleeper hit to becoming a semi-unlikely awards season behemoth. Where to put it, though? Well, she found a perfect place.

As caught by Entertainment Weekly, three days after winning her Oscar, the actress shared an image on Instagram of her latest win sitting beside two other recent gets. One was her Screen Actors Guild award. The other was an Everything Everywhere prop she got to take home, namely the butt plug-shaped trophy her character got for being “Auditor of the Year.”

The award had a brief but fun role in the film. During one of the fights with Michelle Yeoh’s Evelyn Wang, one minion winds up inadvertently launching himself upon the unfortunately shaped trinket.

Curtis is really enjoying her fancy new trophy. She recently told Today that, in support of her trans daughter, she’s refusing to give her Oscar a gender.

“I’m having them be a they/them. I’m going to just call them them,” Curtis said. “They/them, and they are doing great, they’re settling in, and I just, in my life, I never saw it in a million years that I’d have this couple days, and I’m very moved by the whole thing.”

So congrats on the trio of trophies. Few others can say they scored two acting awards plus a butt plug.

(Via EW)