Real-Life (And Fictional) Vampire Jared Leto Won’t Share His Secrets To Aging Well, So Stop Asking

Jared Leto is known for being just a generally weird guy who also stars in the occasional hit film, and the occasional flop. And he was also in House Of Gucci. But whenever he has to promote a film, he emerges with a whole new personality that makes him more mysterious than whoever Jared Leto was before. This time, he’s promoting two projects: WeCrashed and Morbius, so he is truly all over the place here.

In a new interview with Men’s Health, Leto proved to be even more of an enigma, speaking at length about his passion for rock climbing and stomach ulcers. The 50-year-old also refused to share his skincare secrets, after the internet frequently discusses what appears to be his eternal youth.

Yes, Leto is 50, though he does for some reason look like he’s in his thirties. Perhaps it’s the silent retreats he frequently takes in the desert, or maybe he really sacrificed himself to the Met Gala Gods. We may literally never know since he refuses to give up any information. When asked about his youthful look, Leto says, “I do have a good answer for that, but I probably won’t tell you. Just to keep everybody guessing. Really, honestly, at the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter.”

It might not matter to him, but it matters to a lot of eager fans.

Maybe he is just getting really into character for Morbius, his first Marvel movie (despite being a ‘film snob’) or maybe he just got enough hate for his House Of Gucci getup that he decided to embrace his natural, ageless face. Leto is aware of the way he looks, and the importance of looks seems to baffle him.

“I gained over 60 pounds for a role once, and it was amazing,” the actor explains, “I remember asking someone for the time in New York and they, like, recoiled. I saw people I knew who didn’t know I was filming and thought I had fallen off the—I don’t know how to describe it—that I had ‘not been taking care of myself.’ They took it as a sign of something wrong in my life. It was a really wild thing to experience that.”

To be fair, they probably recoiled because it was Jared Leto asking them for the time. But, his point still stands–most people tend to be overly observant, or overly critical, of celebrities’ looks. Maybe Leto just has good genes, or maybe he really did make a deal with a devil while he was wandering around the desert in March 2020. Who knows, but don’t expect him to tell you.