Jared Leto Carrying A Replica Of His Head At The Met Gala Freaked Out Twitter

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Since Susan Sontag popularized the term in her seminal essay “Notes on ‘Camp’” in 1964, the definition of “camp” has been hotly debated. Jared Leto has some very confident ideas on the matter. As evidenced by his appearance at the “camp”-themed 2019 Met Gala, to him it means carrying a duplicate of your head along with you while draped in Gucci.

The annual Met Gala, held the first Monday in every May, has long encouraged celebs to go above and beyond, all while everyone on social media drops what they’re doing and freaks out. Given the theme, the grotesquerie was wilder than usual, from Cardi B wearing a flowing crimson ball gown (which still wasn’t longer than Rihanna’s yellow frock from 2015) to Lady Gaga’s speeding through multiple costume changes, each more outré than the last.

But the Oscar-winner and occasional Joker gave them a run for their money. For one thing, Leto was bedecked in a long-sleeve red silk Gucci gown, with diamonds encrusted down the bodice. But cross-dressing wasn’t enough, otherwise he’d have been upstaged by a dolled-up Harry Styles. What really made the ensemble was the decapitated head he carried along with him.

For the onetime Jordan Catalano, always a Met Gala show-stopper, it was a step-up from last year’s do, and that’s when he came dressed as Jesus Christ.

Twitter was quick with the jokey comparisons.

Or to simply make jokes.

Leto also wound up briefly passing the head to Shawn Mendes.

Others celebrated not only Leto but the night’s other cross-dressing men.

In fact, maybe Leto’s fellow DCEU team member Ezra Miller arguably beat him, not only in terms of what constitutes “camp” but weird stuff involving one’s face.

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