Jena Malone’s Role In ‘Batman V Superman’ Has Apparently Been Revealed And It’s Not Robin

Getty Image / DC Comics

Despite rumors of a female Robin and the presence of a very dead Robin (the kind that may or may not be a very alive Joker according to some idiot), it would seem that Jena Malone’s role in Batman V Superman is going to be another character entirely. Despite the previous reports that made perfect sense at the time, this one does make a little more sense considering the larger universe that Zack Snyder and crew are attempting to create.

According to Latino Review (which is a gamble, I am aware), Malone is set to take on the role of Barbara Gordon in the film, possibly leading to the introduction of Batgirl or Oracle at some point in the future. We’re dealing with an established Batman at this point, so it is hard to say.

Upon hearing the news, alarm bells started to go off regarding Gordon’s fate in the comics and her move into the Oracle role. It’s not hard to forget the recent cover controversy that harkens back to The Killing Joke and the Joker’s controversial attack against the heroine, not to mention the story is also entering the animated realm next year around the same time as Batman V Superman.

It’s not something to clutch pearls over because it did already happen and we’re going for realistic and gritty in these films, but it does seem to toss some crap in the face of the creators on the current Batgirl comic. They’ve built a lot of goodwill with the character to bring her back to pre-Killing Joke standards, so it’d be odd to see her knocked down yet again.

We are talking about a fictional character, of course, so it isn’t life or death here. It’s just a little disappointing if that’s the route they travel. What do you think?

(Via Latino Review / Comics Alliance)