Here’s A Bikini-Clad Jennifer Lawrence And Amy Schumer In A Human Pyramid

Much fuss has been made about the carefully curated squad of Taylor Swift, but there’s a dark-squad horse in the making. After Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence were spotted rafting and jet-skiing together in a tropical locale, their fun group of buds lit up social media.

Witness this amazing human pyramid. Observe how JLaw proudly claims a top position on the top row while squad originator Schumer does the dirty work down under. Those girls worked harder than you know. Jennifer regularly farts with her mouth, but she’s not opposed to breaking wind in the traditional way and throwing her farts in other people’s faces. Would JLaw fart at the top of a human pyramid? Oh yes, she would.

Hanging out with Jennifer and Amy sounds much less stuffy than posing with the Swift squad.

(Via Amy Schumer)