Jennifer Lawrence Wants To Be Buried Next To David O. Russell

Jennifer Lawrence didn’t get her one Golden Globes wish — for BFF Amy Schumer to win instead of her — but she did get, you know, a Golden Globe, which is a pretty solid consolation prize. Lawrence nabbed the Best Actress in a Comedy or Musical award for Joy, and as is her wont, she managed to say at least three to four effortlessly charming, self-effacing things within the span of 60 seconds.

“Where are you, David?” Lawrence began, searching the crowd for Joy director David O. Russell. “I was just there.” After thanking frequent collaborator Russell for”choosing me” and for “teaching me so much, professionally, personally,” Lawrence effused, “your love of cinema is so pure. You’re so untainted by all of this. You make movies like you don’t care if anyone ever sees them.” Here, she paused to laugh at herself. “I mean that as a compliment. I just heard it. Really, it’s such a good, pure, thing.”

As she wrapped things up, Lawrence frantically narrated the clock counting her off the stage — “Twelve, eleven, um…” — and quickly thanked Joy‘s real-life inspiration/mop magnate Joy Mangano, her family, and her hometown in Kentucky. The eminently quotable actress concluded her speech by telling Russell again that she loved him — and by sharing her future burial plans with the entire world. “I want us to be buried next to each other,” she said to Russell. “I really do.”