Jennifer Lawrence Gave Us An Oscar Preview By Tripping On The Red Carpet Again

Getty Image

This photo, which was taken at the Madrid premiere of Mockingjay 2, shows the aftereffect of yet another tumble by fan favorite Jennifer Lawrence. She’s warning Josh Hutcherson not to contribute to the moment, as his potentially errant feet would prompt continued disaster. Lawrence knows the world is watching at all times with a critical eye. Though the backlash is real, the actress has nonetheless maintained her momentum. We’ll likely see her at the Oscars after Joy hits theaters, but for now, she’s given us a thoughtful preview of what to expect at the ceremony.

To briefly recap (although collective memories still remain), Lawrence fell onstage while accepting a Best Actress award at the 2013 Oscars ceremony. She followed up with a trippin’ moment in 2014 (also at the Oscars, and her best friend later described the moment in fine detail). Now Lawrence has done it again, this time while wearing a lacy Ralph Lauren gown with too much ruffly detail in the form of a faux-fishtail.

Naturally, a fan captured the moment for posterity. Wait for it, my friends. Just when you think the media’s making a fuss out of nothing, Lawrence one-ups herself to grand effect.

Yes, that had to hurt. Speaking as someone who body-slammed concrete (not once but twice) during a “casual” run last weekend, I can empathize. Some of us should never wear high heels or too-long skirts.