Well, Look At That, Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck Finally Went And Got Married (And In Vegas, No Less)

It’s been a very ‘80s summer, with the season’s top movie being a sequel to Top Gun and a nearly 40-year-old Kate Bush song almost topping the charts. (Oh, and Reagan-era Metallica are doing good, too.) So hopefully you don’t mind if things suddenly get retro aughts, because one of the Bush II era’s biggest couples finally got hitched.

As per Variety, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck filed their official marriage license on Saturday, a mere three months after they announced their engagement. The license was filed in Clark County, Nevada, which means they likely tied the knot in Las Vegas, just like many a happy couple. Lopez officially took his surname, though it’s currently unclear if she’ll continue using her professional name or not.

In the 2000s, the two only dated for a year and a half, but they became one of the most tabloid-happy couples of the decade. They were one of a handful of celebrity pairs known jointly as a portmanteau, namely “Bennifer.” The press had it out for them, especially when they made two films together. Gigli, released in 2003, became one of the most notorious bombs of the era, so derided by critics and the public alike that Lopez’s already small role in Kevin Smith’s Jersey Girl, released the following year, was reduced even further.

Affleck eventually moved on to Jennifer Garner, to whom he was married from 2005 through 2018. The two had a tumultuous relationship. He also dated actress Ana de Armas for about a year. Lopez, meanwhile, wound up with singer Marc Anthony, to whom she was married for a decade starting in 2004. She also dated her former backup dancer Casper Smart and Yankee Alex Rodriguez.

In April of last year, it was reported the two had reconnected after nearly two decades. Now look at them. Also, did you know Ben’s middle name is “Géza”? It’s the Hungarian word for “little prince.” The more you know! And congrats to the happy couple!

(Via Variety)