‘Jerry Maguire’ Quotes For When Your Passion Can’t Be Contained

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We live in a cynical world, and sometimes a movie comes along that makes you want to do a little bit better; better at work, better at your relationships, better at life. At his best, Cameron Crowe makes movies with a clear-eyed optimism that can’t help but inspire more than a little passion. One of the prime examples of this is Jerry Maguire (which is celebrating its 20th anniversary), a film that focuses on a driven sports agent (Tom Cruise) who grows a conscience, loses everything, and has to rebuild his life into something a little more meaningful. Featuring Cuba Gooding Jr. in an Oscar-winning role as Maguire’s only (difficult) client and Renee Zellweger as his devoted partner in both business and love, you’ll learn more from Jerry Maguire than the weight of the human head.

Let these classic quips be your path to a more passionate life.

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