Jerry From ‘Parks And Rec’ Takes One For The Team In This Hilarious Fyre Festival Parody

02.24.19 4 months ago

Aubrey Plaza hosted the Film Independent Spirit Awards on Saturday night and brought back another Parks and Recreation alum to spoof one of the most talked-about moments from a documentary in recent memory.

Jim O’Heir, who played Jerry/Larry/Terry/Garry Gergich on the NBC sitcom, appeared in a pre-taped skit during the awards show that was a direct parody of the Netflix Fyre Festival documentary. If you’ve seen Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened, you’ll immediately see that O’Heir looks a lot like Andy King, who worked on the Fyre Festival and at one point believes he has to perform oral sex to get a delivery of Evian water to the doomed festival, became a viral sensation of sorts.

O’Heir sets up a similar situation for himself, as Aubrey — who still calls O’Heir “Jerry” calls him up and asks for a favor.

“She said you have to go to Costco. You have to find a cashier named Joel who has got all of the water bottles. And will you save this award show and suck his dick?”

There’s a pause for an extremely Jerry face, which you can see below.

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