Jerry From ‘Parks And Rec’ Takes One For The Team In This Hilarious Fyre Festival Parody

Aubrey Plaza hosted the Film Independent Spirit Awards on Saturday night and brought back another Parks and Recreation alum to spoof one of the most talked-about moments from a documentary in recent memory.

Jim O’Heir, who played Jerry/Larry/Terry/Garry Gergich on the NBC sitcom, appeared in a pre-taped skit during the awards show that was a direct parody of the Netflix Fyre Festival documentary. If you’ve seen Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened, you’ll immediately see that O’Heir looks a lot like Andy King, who worked on the Fyre Festival and at one point believes he has to perform oral sex to get a delivery of Evian water to the doomed festival, became a viral sensation of sorts.

O’Heir sets up a similar situation for himself, as Aubrey — who still calls O’Heir “Jerry” calls him up and asks for a favor.

“She said you have to go to Costco. You have to find a cashier named Joel who has got all of the water bottles. And will you save this award show and suck his dick?”

There’s a pause for an extremely Jerry face, which you can see below.


“So I go home. I took a shower. I use mouthwash in advance or some reason,” Jerry says, mirroring the quote that King gave in the documentary about his preparation for taking one for the team. But unlike the documentary, where everything was cleaned up without sexual favors, things were a bit different for Jerry.

“That’s what friends are for,” O’Neil says. “And I know she would do the same for me.”

Jerry goes on to say how proud he is of Aubrey, and hopes everyone has a great time at the award show. Oh, Jerry, always looking out for his friends. And speaking of Aubrey, it does seem like she had a good time hosting the awards show. She even got an Oscars joke into the opening monologue.

“The network’s first choice to host was no one, but they’re already booked for tomorrow,” Plaza said. “So now you’ve got me.”