J.J. Abrams Mourns The ‘Brilliant’ Anton Yelchin After Tragic Passing

Paramount / Shutterstock

The abrupt passing of young Star Trek actor Anton Yelchin has hit the world hard this weekend, the most recent in a long line of shocking celebrity deaths that have pock-marked 2016 thus far. Yelchin, just 27 years old, was involved in a freak accident late on Sunday morning, leaving Hollywood mourning a loss of someone who was just getting started in carving out a place for himself in the film industry. He seemed like one of the few that absolutely everyone has good stuff to say about, which is rare in Hollywood. A personal friend of mine did stunt work on the set and talked about how he was one of the kindest, most down-to-Earth people on the film and that he treated everyone with respect.

The latest in a long line of people looking to pay their respects is Star Trek director J.J. Abrams, who penned a heartfelt note and posted it to Twitter on Sunday, according to Variety. The note talks about just how incomprehensible the loss was and how Yelchin was far, far too young to be taken from this world. The note is as follows.

“Anton —
You were brilliant. You were kind. You were funny as hell, and supremely talented. And you weren’t here nearly long enough.
Missing you…

Abrams most likely won’t be the last to share his thoughts about Yelchin, but he did get to work with the young actor on multiple occasions. Star Trek Beyond will be released on July 22nd where we’ll see Yelchin play Chekov one last time.

(Via Variety)