Joaquin Phoenix Lines Up His Next Oscar Nod (While Playing A Normal Guy) In A24’s ‘C’Mon C’Mon’ Trailer

Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker performance (for portraying the deeply disturbed Arthur Fleck) won him an Oscar, but that obviously wasn’t his first tango with the Academy Awards. He scored nominations for Walk The Line, The Master, and Gladiator, and it’s fairly evident from the looks of the above trailer that, at minimum, he’ll receive another nomination in short order. In A24’s C’Mon C’Mon, however, he tackles a very different type of story as a normal dude. No really, though, he plays an uncle who forges a relationship with his nephew that changes both their lives.

The synopsis calls this film a “delicate and deeply moving story about the connections between adults and children,” as well as an examination of the ties between generations. Joaquin’s accompanied by Woody Norman, who’s no newcomer to Hollywood (although this is his first feature film) despite his young age, in what looks to be an affecting story, and given that this is A24, one can expect plenty more than what’s simply appearing on the surface in this film, as directed by Academy Award nominated screenwriter Mike Mills (20th Century Women) that also stars Gaby Hoffman.

The trailer gives us a glimpse of the black-and-white visuals of the cinematography from Robbie Ryan and editing from Jennifer Vecchiarello, all of which add up to a “moving meditation” from A24, which doesn’t miss, although where they’re aiming tends to keep everyone on their toes.

C’Mon C’Mon comes to theaters in November.