Joel Kinnaman On Filming ‘The Suicide Squad’ With James Gunn: ‘It Was Like I Did My First Comedy’

Joel Kinnaman is one of the few original Suicide Squad cast members who made the jump to James Gunn‘s quasi-reboot/quasi-sequel The Suicide Squad, and now, the Swedish actor is opening up about what it was like working on the new iteration of the classic DC Comics team.

While promoting The Secrets We Keep, Kinnaman revealed that Gunn’s approach is noticeably different than David Ayer’s attempt to weave the Squad into the burgeoning DC Extended Universe. The new movie felt more like an R-rated comedy, which Kinnaman had never done before. Fortunately, he had a blasting learning the ropes from Gunn while reprising the role of Rick Flag. Via The Hollywood Reporter:

“That movie is going to be insane. The script is so funny. Every page of that script was funny, and every page made me laugh,” Kinnaman shares. “James just has this command of that genre, but also over every aspect of comedy and even the marketing. He just understands the world so well, and since he wrote it, he really reinvents not just the concepts, but also the characters. For me, it was like I did my first comedy, but it’s like heavily R-rated. It was a real learning experience for me too because I’d never done a comedy in that way before. So I asked James to work with me and teach me this sh*t. And yeah, we had so much fun doing it. That movie is going to be a f*cking monster.”

Kinnaman also took a passing shot at the troubles surrounding the first film as Warner Bros. tried to launch its own cinematic universe to compete with Marvel. “There was more energy put into making the movie the second time around,” he said. “The first time around, there was a lot of energy put into everything around us. (Laughs.)”

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)