John Krasinski And Emily Blunt Are Setting The Record Straight On Those ‘Fantastic Four’ Rumors

With the Fantastic Four officially set to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe, rumors have been swirling around who will play the superhero family, and one name keeps popping up more and more: John Krasinski, who’s not exactly shy about his desire to play Reed Richards a.k.a. Mr. Fantastic. Here’s what he previously told Esquire when asked about the role:

“I was just about to walk into the worst pun ever, but I was like, that’s a fantastic role. That would be awesome,” Krasinski said. “Marvel wrote the playbook on secrecy and awesome sort of tantalizing lay and wait until everything’s announced. I am not committed to the role or anything, but I don’t know when they’re doing it. But if and when they do it, I would love to talk to them about it.”

However, in a new interview with Comic Book, Krasinski set the record straight that talks of him playing Mr. Fantastic are simply speculative along with the new rumor that he might be directing a Marvel film:

“Wow, that’s a cool idea. It’s so interesting because I’m such a huge fan of Marvel. I think they do their own… They have such a great formula. Yeah, I’d jump in there. In Kevin [Feige] I trust. That dude is not only the most talented guy, but the nicest guy. Yeah, whatever he wants, we’d discuss it.”

Except Krasinksi isn’t the only in his family being tied to the Fantastic Four. His real-life wife Emily Blunt could be in the mix as Susan Storm, and when asked by Comic Book about the persistent rumors, she was noticeably coy. Just like Krasinski’s answer, Blunt deferred to Kevin Feige:

When asked about the Fantastic Four, Blunt knew where he was going, noting it had been a hot topic already. Killian then asked, “are you prepared for the internet backlash if you guys don’t get cast in Fantastic Four?”

“Well I don’t know, you’re gonna have to speak to Feige about it, right? No, fan casting is obviously so flattering and lovely, but I don’t see it as anything other than hypothetical until they cast someone else,” Blunt said. “I don’t know.”

On an interesting note, Krasinski auditioned for Captain America, and Blunt was originally offered the role of Black Widow, but turned it down. If these rumors are true, this would give the couple the opportunity to enter the MCU on their own terms. In the meantime, comic book fans can’t help but notice Krasinski’s very specific color choice for The Quiet Place II world premiere.

Getty Image

What’s so special about Krasinski’s suit? Blue, black, and white are the exact colors of the Fantastic Four uniforms. Is Krasinski doing some low-key campaigning to catch Marvel’s eye?

(Via Comic Book)