What We Know About ‘John Wick 3’

john wick 3 plot
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After busting into cinemas with a sleeper hit, the John Wick franchise shows zero signs of dampened enthusiasm from fans, but that’s what happens when you kill a guy’s dog. The second film ended with Wick on the run (along with his new pup, a shelter rescue!) after catching wind that he has one hour before an “Excommunicado” order goes into effect. Aaaand pretty much everyone in Central Park was glancing in his direction after receiving an assassin alert on their phones. That unsettling detail was placed into context by director Chad Stahelski, who explained that this was done for an Invasion Of The Body Snatchers-esque effect, and not everyone in New York is an assassin, but Wick still has plenty of bad guys (who want that $14 million bounty) on his tail.

The film’s official synopsis recently confirmed that the third film’s plot picks up right where the second ended, and Wick is in New York City, rather than abroad, after attempting to make the best of his hour of safety. Cameras are now rolling on the set, where the antihero seems to be making his way through a neon-lit, rain-soaked Chinatown, as Instagrammed by cinematographer Dan Laustsen.

Wick, who’s being hunted after killing someone on Continental Hotel grounds (which is neutral territory as a hitman hotel), has also been cut off from all member services and protections. So he enlists the service industry to help him fight his way out of Manhattan, which means that the level of violence will likely be what we’ve come to expect from his character — through the roof.

Another tidbit recently surfaced, which that the third movie’s working title has shifted from “Alpha Cop” (which made no sense) to something more fitting — “Parabellum,” which is Latin for “prepare for war.” The news arrives courtesy of according to MovieWeb and is confirmed by another set photo from Laustsen.

John Wick 3 is scheduled for a May 17, 2019 release. And on May 21, 2018, Halle Berry joined the cast in a non-specified (but also non-villainous) role. Several other names, including Anjelica Hustin and Jason Mantzoukas, have been added to the roster as well.

(Via Dan Laustsen on Instagram, Empire & MovieWeb)