Jonah Hill Stars In An Absolutely Ridiculous Ad For A Skateboard Shop

07.06.16 2 years ago 5 Comments

Palace is a London-based skateboard company. Reebok is an athletic-wear company that makes, among other things, shoes. These two companies, both alike in virtue, have joined forces for a new shoe, the Palace Reebok Classic, that one assumes will be quite good for skateboarding. This is a monumental event (probably?) which required a monumental advertising campaign. So, naturally, they got Jonah Hill involved.

Hill, best known for his star-making turn in Grandma’s Boy, is clearly a real sk8er boi who knows what he’s talking about. He can speak from a place of deep knowledge on skateboarding lingo, and on shoes. He’s also definitely heard of Reebok and knows how to pronounce their name. He’s very excited about the Palace Reebok Classic, and it shows.

Another thing that is clear is that Hill is definitely in London at the Palace shop. You can tell because you see him standing in front of the store, and walking through it, and he without a doubt interacting with his fellow skaters within the store. At one point he says “crazy ollie,” and how could he do that if he wasn’t right there, watching a crazy ollie? Jonah Hill is nothing if not an honest man. You can trust him. Also, even if you aren’t a skateboarder, skateboarding shoes are usually really durable so if you don’t like buying shoes very often they tend to be a good investment. There’s a real statement to end this on.

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