Jonah Hill Is Circling A Villainous Role (Or Two) In Matt Reeves’ ‘The Batman’

Jeffrey Wright’s negotiations for the role of Commissioner Gordon in Matt Reeves’ upcoming The Batman isn’t the only casting news that the new film is generating. Later the same day, Deadline reported that none other than Jonah Hill, the actor best known for several instant-classic comedies and dramas in the past decade, is also in talks for a role. Yet as the trades and several entertainment reporters have noted, Hill’s casting as one of the movie’s many villains is still in flux for an odd reason.

The bottom line is this: Hill is negotiating with Warner Bros. to play one of the film’s many villain roles. As The Hollywood Reporter‘s Borys Kit notes on Twitter, though, it’s the question of which villain that has — along with other items like money — stalled the proceedings. “Not even Warners nor Hill know,” Kit tweeted, “because they can’t decide on it!” As for which role they’re having trouble deciding on, Variety‘s Justin Kroll adds that it’s between the Riddler and the Penguin.

Kroll also notes that Hill has been in discussions with Warner Bros., Reeves, and the rest of the filmmakers “for over a month,” so the decision might also rest on whether or not the director’s script has been locked. Either way, should Hill finally pick the role and take the gig, then chances are pretty good that audiences will be seeing his Riddler/Penguin (and many, many others) squaring off with Robert Pattinson’s Batman on June 25th, 2021.

(Via Deadline)