‘This Is The Sickest’: Jonah Hill Remembers His First Time Meeting Will Ferrell At An L.A. Taco Shop

Ahead of their upcoming collaboration for Don’t Look Up, a Netflix original that takes a dark comedic look at the pending climate crisis, Jonah Hill sat down for a lengthy interview conducted by director Adam McKay in which the two reminisced on Hill’s career. Interestingly, Don’t Look Up is their first time working together, but they’ve known each other going all the way back to Hill’s breakout performance in Superbad. As Hill recalls, he could tell his life had significantly changed thanks to an unforgettable experience involving McKay, Will Ferrell, and a taco shop. Via GQ:

I remember when we met, because Seth Rogen lived in an apartment behind Canter’s [Deli, in Los Angeles], and then Seth was the first one to start making paper. And so he got a house, and then I moved into his apartment behind Canter’s. There was a taco shop around the corner, and you and Will Ferrell were eating tacos. It must’ve been right before or after Superbad came out, but I remember that you guys wanted to talk to me. And I sat down and talked to you guys. And you guys were, like, talking to me. And I was like, This is the sickest! This is it! I get to talk to these people I’m obsessed with.

As McKay recalls, he was actually aware of Hill thanks to his small turn in I Heart Huckabees, and he also remembered the taco shop meeting because Hill kept cracking him up with taco jokes. “Anyone who can talk about tacos with joy and humor is okay by me,” McKay said. This is a good life lesson for all of us, really, and especially today. It is Taco Tuesday, after all.

(Via GQ)