Joseph Gordon-Levitt Has Called Out His Heartbroken ‘(500) Days Of Summer’ Character’s Behavior

Fox Searchlight Pictures

2009’s (500) Days Of Summer crushed audience members’ souls when Zooey Deschanel’s titular character, Summer (the quintessential manic pixie dream girl), broke the heart of Tom, played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt. The film featured a glorious synchronized dance scene, but what everyone seems to dwell upon is how Tom wholeheartedly threw himself into a relationship that was destined to crush him into pieces. Of course, many audience members identified with Tom and blamed Summer for their relationship’s disastrous end, but earlier this week, Gordon-Levitt tweeted back at a fan who confessed to not being able to “forgive” Deschanel for her cinematic actions.

The Golden Globe nominee encouraged people to rewatch the film, for he’s wholly convinced that Tom’s fate was “mostly Tom’s fault” for “projecting … not listening” and being “selfish.”

Indeed, the Summer character told Tom upfront that she wasn’t looking for anything serious and mostly wanted casual sex. He idealized her and saw things differently, so he decided that she’d eventually change her mind and proceeded to fall head over heels. Tom stubbornly crossed boundaries placed by Summer, and then he acted all downtrodden when she kept her word by not wanting a serious relationship. Shocking!

Regardless and perhaps because Gordon-Levitt was so good at his portrayal of pathetic heartbreak, folks are still carrying a torch for Tom. Yet the actor’s tweet has brought some closure to the situation, as replies to his tweet reveal.

Still, not everyone is convinced….